Aytos 8500, 6, Bogoridi Str.
tel. 0558/ 22104 - manager, tel./fax 22071, GSM 0888/ 411647


Stroimontazh 96 OOD Company is a successor of one of the branches of the former SMK - Bourgas Building Company. It was established in 1961 for the construction of many residential, cultural, public and  industrial buildings in the territory of Aytos municipality which at that time included Rouen municipality. 

During that period of time the company acted always as a main contractor and built over 1500 houses in Aytos and Rouen, an abattoir, a canning factory, a policlinic, a hotel and three schools.

The company has been completely private since 10.03.1997 and the owners transferred  the whole privatisation sum to the state, so the company is 100% private and has no financial obligations to any banks.

The company has an own automated lime and concrete mortar mixing centre, covered and open-air storage area, workshop for reinforcement bars, and a precast slabs track. 

After the privatisation of the company we managed to keep the most experienced and qualified workers from all specialities. Several of the employees specialised in the specific erecting and construction work established affiliates of Stroimontazh 96 OOD Company. At the present the main company employs 12 highly qualified workers and 6 workers with lower qualification who do the major construction work. Two highly qualified and experienced clerks of the works have worked for our company since 1975.

The company operates using all the types of constructing known in Bulgaria - monolithic, panel, Spirol system (prefabs), EK. That's why we can declare that our workers and clerks of the works are proficient in all types of erecting and construction work. During the period immediately after the privatisation of our company we built a five-storey block of flats with offices of United Bulgarian Bank - AD, an additional storey of a shooting lodge and a local stabilised road. Our company acted as a main contractor  in the upgrading of a school building and several smaller buildings in Aytos.