The company Stroycommerce was established in 1993 by a decision of the District Court of Kyustendil of 24.11.1993 and was registered by Company Case № III-1538 for 1993 as SOLE PREOPRIETOR DANIEL ATTARYAN - STROYCOMMERCE. It functioned under that name for 10 years and established itself as one of the leading building companies in the town of Dupnitsa and its region. It performed construction and repairs of buildings and institutions (the larger of them are listed below) all over the country and also abroad.

Permanent partners of the company for those years were

MobilTel - Sofia

Petrogas - Dupnitsa

Balcanpharma - Dupnitsa

Sofia Municipality


The District Court of Kyustendila registered via a declaration by the manager - eng. Daniel Attaryan - and a court decision of 29.01.2003 the transfer  of the COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE, as a set of rights, obligations and actual relations created with the performance of the past commercial activities, from SOLE PREOPRIETOR DANIEL ATTARYAN - STROYCOMMERCE to STROYCOMMERCE LTD.

The company has been a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Building and Construction since 1994.

The company possesses a certificate:

ISO 9001:2001

EN ISO 14001:2004

OHSAS 18001:2002