The company has

workshops for wooden windowframes, metal structures and furniture.

construction and repairs of residential, administrative and industrial buildings

- Construction of a central reception office at the address Kibitzberg Str. 10, Neustadt

- Bank offices, company offices, etc.:

  Offices of Allianz Bulgaria in
  Sofia, Graf Ignatiev Blvd.,
  branch offices in Dupnitsa;

  Office of
  International Asset Bank -
  branch Kyustendil.

Telecommunication equipment:

MobilTel Sofia - construction of base stations on the whole territory of Bulgaria, including construction and equipment of technological houses; cable laying, insulation, painting, flooring, and also production and fitting of lattice towers for aerial transmission equipment.

The prices are formed by the Building Manager program with a maximum compliance with the existing norms under the Average Building Standards and the Labour Standards in Building for Bulgaria.

The company works at similar projects for other telecommunication companies, such as

Technical equipment

The company has the necessary heavy machinery for its building activities, and all kinds of light machinery connected with building.