Structure of the Municipality

The Mineralni Bani Municipality, District of Haskovo, is situated upon a territory of 216.5 sq. m in the hilly northern part of the Eastern Rhodopes. This region is characterized by a softened continental climate - soft winters, warm summers and long autumns. The altitude above sea level is from 50 to 500 metres.

The municipality includes 12 villages: Mineralni Bani, Bryastovo, Soussam, Tatarevo, Spahievo, Sirakovo, Sarnitsa, Karamantsi, Kolets, Boyan Botevo, Angel Voivoda and Vinevo. The total number of the population is 7 600 people. Its ethnic structure is mixed - Turks, Bulgarians and a small number of Romas.

The population's main employment is in farming (plant-growing and stock-breeding), the light and food and beverage industries (tailoring, knitting, bread-making, milk and dairy products, non-alcoholic drinks, etc.) and the resort business. There is no heavy industry on its territory, and for that reason the region is not polluted. This is one of the conditions for the development of balneological tourism as a priority in the economic development of the Mineralni Bani Municipality. The other factors for all-year-round spa treatment and holidaymaking are the favourable climate, the unique curative properties of the mineral water and the good transport access.

In recent years, because of the country's economic crisis, the construction of several holiday bases in the resort was frozen. The municipality's financial capacities for maintaining the existing base are also very limited. The municipal authorities, represented by the Mayor of the municipality Mr. Yasharli Ahmed, are looking for ways and means for aiding the development of balneological tourism and would welcome every good idea of investing into the resort.

Telephones for contacts: 03722 - dialing code
- Mayor
  2205 - Chairperson of the Municipal Council
  2157 - Sector on Recreation