Another type of cultural center in the municipality is the community center (PCC) – a Bulgarian Phenomenon with 140 years old traditions that fits naturally into the society undergoing a process of democratization. It is an autonomous association for culture and education and has a legal status of a non-profit corporate body.

The community center is a place where everyone can express oneself with the values that one deems closer and clearer. The community centers preserve and develop the nation's traditions and customs. They pick up and popularize our folklore. They support the sources of creativity in every amateur musician, actor, dancer, artist, poet, etc.

The community center is a multi-functional cultural institution. Besides the amateur work that forms the performers' and the spectators' aesthetic and moral values, it performs various other activities related to the intellectual and educational development of the participants and the visitors.

Twenty eight community centers operate on the territory of Pernik Municipality.

1. PCC “Elin Pelin”

The town of Pernik

tel. 23175

2. PCC “Hristo Botev”

The village of Ljulin

tel. 24859 (post)

3. PCC “Chicho Stojan”

The village of Divotina

tel. 22553 (post)

4. PCC “Prosveta”

The town of Batanovtsi

tel. 07712/2072

5. PCC “Probuda”

The village of Kladnitsa

tel. 07713/2333

6. PCC “Svetlina”

The village of Studena

tel. 07715/2326

7. PCC “Otets Paisii”

The village of Kralev dol

tel. 79097

8. PCC “Probuda”

The village of Bogdanov dol

tel. 07712/2050 (post)

9. PCC “Probuda”

The village of Dragichevo


10. PCC “Iskra”

The town of Pernik

tel. 75424

11. PCC “Saznanie”

“Moshino” Est. 

tel. 670634

12. PCC “Prosveta”

“Tsarkva” Est.


13. PCC “Dancho Ivanov”

“Kalkas” Est.

tel. 21368 (mayor)

14. PCC “Probuda”

“Bela voda” Est.

tel. 29450 (post)

15. PCC “Ralitsa”

The town of Pernik


16. PCC “Hristo Botev”

The village of Yardjilovtsi

tel. 07719/2063

17. PCC “Ljulinski izgrev”

The village of Goljamo Buchino

tel. 74406 (post)

18. PCC “Ď. Ę. ßâîđîâ”

The village of Meshtitsa

tel. 07714/2066

19. PCC “Vasil Levski”

The village of Rudartsi

tel. 07713/2232

20. PCC “7 septemvri”

“Dimova mahala” Est.


21. PCC “Nauka”

The village of Cherna goraŕ

tel. 07712/2105

22. PCC “Vasil Levski”

The village of Zidartsi

tel. 07719/2021 (mayor)

23. PCC “Trudoljubie”

The village of Bosnek

tel. 07715/2030 (mayor)

24. PCC “Otets Paisii”

The village of Vitanovtsi

tel. 07719/2155 (mayor)

25. PCC “Sv.Kiril i Metodii”

The village of Viskjar

tel. 07714/2123 (mayor)

26. PCC “Solidarnost”

The village of Leskovets


27. PCC “Rudnichar”

“Rudnichar” Est.


28. PCC “Dimitar Poljanov”

The village of Rasnik

tel. 07714/2178 (mayor)