Sliven municipality is situated in the south-eastern region of Bulgaria and covers 1367 It borders on Yambol municipality to the south,  Bourgas district to the east,  Kotel municipality to the north,  Tvarditsa municipality to the west and on Nova Zagora municipality to the southwest. This interesting location has been estimated as favourable for the economy development of the municipality. It depends on the integration of Sliven municipality with the neighbouring districts and municipalities for sharing resources and potentialities for development.


The agriculture lands predominate in the municipal land structure (52.0% of the whole territory) The forests and woodland cover 40.0% of the municipality and the inhabited area is 40.0% of the total municipal land.

The land using in the region according to the total balance of the territory as of June, 1999 is as follows:

Agriculture lands


Forests and woodland 


Inhabited area


Water area


Natural resources area 


Transport and Infrastructure