The Town Hall

The Stara Zagora municipality is situated in Central Southern Bulgaria on an area of 1 019 sq. km. Its territory encompasses the vast fields of the Upper Thracian Lowland and parts of the Sarnena Sredna Gora Mountain.

The administrative centre Stara Zagora is the largest town in the Upper Thracian Lowland. It serves as a central connection of the Bulgarian railway network, which connects its with all Bulgarian towns, and also with the towns of Eastern and Western Europe. The nearest Black Sea harbour is Bourgas (180 km to the east), the nearest Aegean Sea harbour Alexandroupolis (in Greece) is about 300 km away, and the nearest duty free zone is in the town of Plovdiv (80 km to the west). 



Always open to the world, present-day Stara Zagora maintains the old contacts and establishes new ones with fraternized foreign towns: Durham, North Carolina (the USA), Samara (Russia), Down Patrick (Ireland), Bareiro (Portugal) and Larissa (Greece).

The Stara Zagora municipality is a member of the largest regional association of the municipalities - the Trakia (Thrace) Association, and of the National Association of the Municipalities in Bulgaria.